Free and organised

The execution of passagework gives it all away!!! It uncovers first of all the elementary control, or the lack of control over touch. It shows exactly how free and organised your playing is on physical level. 

What is 'Passagework'
'Passagework' in piano playing is closely connected to basic scales and arpeggios. In the immense piano repertoire it appears in endless diversity. It is found in piano music from Bach and Scarlatti, Beethoven to Mozart, in Romantic music and 21th century music. Though connected to velocity of fingers, and therefore associated with a virtuoso aspect of playing, passagework serves multiple musical functions in a virtuoso and non-virtuoso context.
Learning the Art of passagework in The Golden Fingers Technique teaches you the basics for a sound professional piano technique.
What is the 'Art of Passagework'?
When performing at professional level, it is necessary to be able to play rapidly and even, while at the same time have control over fine dynamic nuances. It means to be able to combine well-developed finger motor technique with sensitive touch.
Fine Dynamic Nuances
Unfortunately, the basic education of learning passagework can go wrong at the primary aspect of developing finger motor technique. It is in the classroom, right at the beginning of learning these techniques, where it can easily go wrong.
Discipline of fingers, combined with expression of touch through arm and fingers should be learned right at the beginning of any passagework practice.
Problems with Passagework
Lack of basic organisation when performing passagework is a common problem. Problems can stay unseen and then cause your playing never to reach the ultimate level of freedom in touch and expression in playing. When it doesn’t function well enough in passagework, likely on other levels of playing and technique your playing is not mastered as well, though on superficial level your playing might look okay.
Passagework: basic for all technique
The Golden Fingers Technique will develop your awareness of quality of your passagework and how improvement can benefit of your general level of playing.
Passagework: Necessary skill for PROFESSIONAL PIANISTS
Practicing the Art of Passagework by including fine touch and sound qualities in playing passagework is connected to higher level of piano technique and contributes fundamentally to refined touch qualities and sound production in general.
It starts all with elementary and down to earth work.
First knowledge, then the rest
Playing rapidly and at the same time having full control over sound and dynamics. That might sound simple, but in reality it is a true art and a desirable and necessary skill for all professional pianists.
Basic and Advanced
The Golden Fingers Technique, The art of Passagework is about learning passagework at professional level. It aims to teach you to play passagework rapidly, even and with refinement of touch and sound. That makes passagework an artful skill.
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