Jeroen Riemsdijk is concert pianist, chamber musician, teacher and author. He performs regularly with international soloists in Concerts Halls, on Festivals and in the recording studio. 

Performances include the integral Cello Sonatas by Beethoven with Luis Andrade and all Brahms piano Quartets and -Quintet with members of Claudio Abbado's Mozart Orchestra.

His discography contains works by Shostakovich and Khachaturian with Cellist Levon Mouradian and works by Dutch Composer Wim Zwaag. Riemsdijk performs as piano soloist with the Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra, as Chamber musician in duo and Piano Quartet (Label: Dutch Record Company). Other recordings are with music from Dutch composer Robert Quodbach.

Jeroen Riemsdijk is artistic leader of the Masters on Stage series in Amsterdam and the Altembrouck series nearby Maastricht.

Jeroen Riemsdijk is teaching Piano at the Piano Faculty of the Maastricht Academy of Music.

Mr. Riemsdijk's book, The Golden Fingers technique for Pianists has placed him in demand as a clinician and teacher.

Mr. Riemsdijk received his ‘Konzertdiplom’ at the Folkwang Musikhochschule in Essen with Russian pianist Boris Bloch. He completed  his initial studies ‘with distinction’ in the Class of Professor Ben  Smits (a pupil of Cornelius Berkhout, Bela Siki and Clara Haskil) at the ARTEZ. He was prize winner at the ‘Start ‘86’  competition, and appeared as a soloist at the Young Musicians Foundation founded by Sir Yehudi Menuhin.

The book is based on the approach of Dutch pianist and pedagogue Cornelius Berkhout (1892-1958), who developed the basics of Tonisation. He was Professor at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music from 1942 until  1958. Berkhout is considered one of the finest Dutch pedagogues of his  time. His studio 1011 at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam was a meeting  place where many artists of several disciplines gave lectures and  recitals.
The  Technique of Tonisation unites both German and French playing styles in   a natural way. Combining finger and arm tonisation allows you to  create  the utmost clarity and transparency in playing. The whole  spectrum of  sound colors may be expressed effortlessly with Tonisation. Berkhout’s  approach is rooted in the tradition of German Arm Technique, although  he was also attracted to the French ways of playing with its brightness  and brilliant sound. In 2004 his book ‘De kunst van het pianospel’ (‘The  Art of Playing Piano’) was published, setting out his core ideas. 

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Van Blad spelen voor Pianisten
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Recent and upcoming concerts of Jeroen Riemsdijk include all Cello Sonatas by Beethoven and all Piano Quartets and Piano Quintet by Brahms with Members of Claudio Abbado's Mozart Orchestra.
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